Product Testimonials

The Gutter Getter Plus makes cleaning the gutters easier by extending your reach length so you don't have to move the ladder so many times. It is also light weight which makes it easy to carry up and down the ladder.
— S.H., Farmdale, OH

I used the "Gutter Getter" on my shed at my cabin. The gutters had not been cleaned properly for a couple of years and the gutter getter system really works GREAT! I was able to clean them quickly and thoroughly in a very short time. The Gutter Getter Scoop fits in the gutters perfectly—no more gloves and hands!
— M. L., Manistique, MI

The Gutter Getter and the Gutter Grabber Plus are easy to handle and get into the hard to reach places well. It sure saves a lot of time climbing up and down a ladder. "It's a life saver."
— E. J. S., Baltimore, MD

I really like the long handle of the Gutter Grabber Plus to bring the leaves to me because I don't have to move the ladder so often. The Gutter Getter keeps my hands off the gunk. I also use the Gutter Getter scoop in my bird seed—so I have got another use for it too! Just wait—I'll find another use for the Gutter Grabber Plus too! I like tools that can have multiple uses!
— H. F., West Bend, WI

The Gutter Grabber Plus is designed to do the job efficiently. It is better than the kind you hook to a garden hose. The Gutter Getter is an added feature that makes these products easy to use. A person doesn't have to reach into rotten leaves.
— T. H., Fairgrove, MI

These products clean everything in the gutter; including the nasty 'gunk' that accumulates all summer. The telescoping arm eliminates the need to move the ladder frequently. All the products are easy to use and easy to clean.
— J. O., Minneapolis, MN

Easy to use. They make cleaning the gutter a much faster and less messy job. I enjoy the tools so much that I have recommended them to all my friends and neighbors.
— K. A., Mora, MN

I'm 72 and used a sturdy ladder on a calm day—did 40 feet with only 3 moves of ladder. My wife supplied much needed unwanted supervision as she does constantly. You'd think I was 73!
— M. S., Westland, MI

The scoop is ideal because it fits the gutters perfectly and allows you to get out all of the goop and do so without getting your hands filthy or cold.
— C. S., Port Matilda, PA

I really like the ease of being able to hang the Gutter Grabber on the gutter before moving the ladder. The Gutter Getter is also very handy - especially being able to use the wrist strap to ensure not dropping it and having to go back down the ladder to retrieve it.
— B. B., Cincinnati, OH

The Gutter Grabber Plus makes it easy to clean gutters from one spot instead of moving a ladder or getting on a roof. It's great for people who don't appreciate heights.
— N. B., New Holland, PA

The products have been equally easy for my husband and me to use. I am very happy that I do not have to get my hands dirty from the molten leaves. My neighbors have been impressed with the ease of the products as well.
— D. V., Gaylord, MI

I just happened to see the Gutter Grabber Plus and bought it for my husband who is 54 years old. He used it this weekend to clean the gutters and only had to move the ladder twice. He is NOT a handyman and he was actually excited about this product. I don't have to worry as much now about him going up and down, up and down, up and down the ladder.
— M. P., Atlanta, GA

I have been using your fine products for a while now, and they sure make cleaning our gutters easier. Our house is quite tall and large, and climbing up that high isn't the most fun thing to do, but being able to reach so much further sure helps.
— H. S., Oshkosh, WI

I love your products...I have a Gutter Getter and a Gutter Grabber at home and a Gutter Grabber at the cottage. It truly is a great, time saving product. Don't minimize the safety factor that allows for fewer trips up and down the ladder!
— M. M., Midland, MI

We use the Gutter Getter for cleaning the gutters of all our clients. It has improved our ability to clean gutters much better without creating any additional mess.
— M. J., President Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Thanks for the opportunity to test your gutter cleaning system. I am impressed with the tool. The ability to clean long stretches of gutter from one location is a great feature. This is especially valuable when the gutter is far off the ground.
— J. A.

I raise a lot of plants and trees from seed. I find the Gutter Getter perfect to scoop my soil mixture into the pots. It's the perfect size - one scoop per pot. It also works great in my gutters. Thanks.
— M. C. E., Springville, NY

I have found other uses for the Gutter Getter. I used it to clean the build up of leaves and debris on my metal shed. It is a lot less messy than using a hose and you don't get wet! The Scoop also makes a great bird feeder filler.
— K. M., Marshall, M