Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing customer service, review these frequently asked questions.

Q. Can I clean my gutters from the ground with these tools?

A. Our tools are designed to be used from a ladder or rooftop. The holy grail of gutter cleaning is a tool that you can use from the ground. But, as good as that sounds cleaning gutters from the ground is impractical and fatiguing. Cleaning gutters from the ground is a little like washing your car with your eyes closed – you can’t help but miss some spots. In addition, anyone who’s worked with their arms over their heads knows how tiring that gets fast. Not to mention that you’re standing below looking up at the debris and water that’s falling on you.

Q. My shingles overhang my gutters and make the opening very narrow will your tools still work in those conditions?

A. Gutters with small openings because of overhanging shingles are the hardest to clean by hand and are responsible for many scraped knuckles. Our tools are specifically designed to work in these conditions.

The design of the Gutter Grabber Debris Retriever puts the tip of the blade in the back corner of the gutter which brings the handle out over the front edge of the gutter where the remaining access exists. You simply slip the blade through the opening and then pull the debris to you and remove it with the Gutter Getter Scoop.

The Gutter Getter Scoop is flexible and can be squeezed through any opening of 1” or more where is will expand to fill the space to be filled with debris. By partially filling the scoop it can be pulled back through the narrow opening by the handle protecting hands from scrapes and scratches.

Q. Will the tools work with all types of roofing?

A. Our tools will work in any gutter with an opening of 1” or more regardless of the roofing material.

Q. Can I use any extension handle on the Gutter Grabber?

A. The Gutter Grabber will accept any extension handle with a standard Acme thread. That is the most commonly used connection in the US. It is the same thread that is used on paint roller handles.

Q. What about the gutter hangers?

A. The blade and handle of the Gutter Grabber Debris Retriever are specifically designed to reach over and under the hangers and easily pull the debris through those spaces. The tip of the Gutter Getter Scoop is extended to reach under hangers and work the debris under the hangers too.

Q. I have a downspout at the end of my gutter. Will the Big Top High Capacity Downspout Strainer work in that situation?

A. Yes. Big Top has locator tabs that align the strainer over the downspout. Simply use a utility knife or heavy scissors to cut off the portion of the strainer that extends beyond the end of the gutter when the tabs are in position.